Membership in Paws and Claws Oklahoma

While Paws and Claws Oklahoma(PAC-OK) is open to the public for free, there is a membership available that grants paid members the voice to vote and be on our Board/committees in accordance with our Bylaws. All of the benefits of being a paying member of PAC-OK are listed in the Bylaws. For those interested in the perks without the legal-barking of the Bylaws, please reach out to the PAC-OK Membership Chair here, or reach out to any current Board member in any of our social platforms.

If you don't have questions, and would like to become a Registered Member of PAC-OK, either paid or not, then please fill out the form below and our Membership Chair will reach out to you to finalize the process. If you are already a member, and are renewing your membership, please fill out the form below and be sure to check the "Membership Renewal" option.