Paws and Claws Oklahoma

Welcome to Paws and Claws Oklahoma!

Welcome to PAC-OK! We are a Pet Play and Handler social group in Oklahoma where it doesn't matter your breed or species, you are welcome here. We have a variety of pup breeds, kitties, and even some more obscure species like a lion and a caribou in the mix.

Our focus is to grow, nurture, and educate the Pet Play community in Oklahoma. We offer classes that cover the basics of Pet Play (101) to the more "next level" Pet Play (after dark). PAC-OK also hosts moshes and other social events where we can all physically interact with each other, both hooded and not. 

PAC-OK has a fairly large online presence ranging from our Facebook Page and Group, Discord, Fetlife Community, all the way to our Telegram chat room. 

If you are interested in Pet Play and want to join our group, we would love to have you be the newest member of our PAC(k)! *pets head*

The calendar has more than just PAC-OK Events on it, as it is tied to ThatPlace's Calendar. 

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